3 Basketball Training Methods You Should Not Use

3 Basketball Training Methods You Should Not Use

I've seen too many players walking in circles with their basketball practice, just their tail all day long to find out they did not improve at all once Season rounded. In my case I ended up with torn cartilage in my hip and a bad taste in my mouth when I trained in that way. It was largely due to crappy training methods that really do nothing to develop your game, just waste your time and energy.

Let's throw the hammer away on some of these useless training methods.

1.) Band Resistance to Basketball Training

For some reason, basketball players of bands have a lot of fun. I'm fine with that. They are really handy in many situations, such as weight and tractive injuries (if you've never attempted a tire training after a single sprain, you're serious about it.)

Just go away They're in the weight Or therapy room when done.

I just wanted to make it clear that I was not talking about it. Louie Simmons can relax. It's all good.

Tape for basketball training means that you take a strap and hold on to your waist and training at the court while you are being pulled by the strap. You've seen it before. The guys who claim this develop "explosive power."

Let's be clear: there are 3 ways to develop explosive force:

– become stronger

– Learn to express that power faster (you get faster)

– Become more efficient in your movement.

So what do bands do?

Make you stronger? No. Just take a few months of training, then get into the squat rack. I bet you can not slide wet wet socks.

Do you get faster to express your strength? Not really. The bands slow you down. Train fast to be fast.

Make you more efficient? For the newer Renegades, this basically means keeping your body in line for maximum power and then managing the movement you're trying to get better. To get a grip on your waist and to hinder your movements in court, it will do the opposite of that.

The answer is none of the above.

2.) Repeated Motion Leap

I think everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about, so just let me call it's a "repetitive motion jumping program" and leave while it's still something political is correct.

With all the incredible information online, I do not have to find this one time. Clearly, all of these programs do not work. Save yourself a lot of time and money and keep it simple: Get stronger, practice jumping and play sports.

3.) Tennis Ball Dribbling Drilling

These are all the rage these days, really really a good reason:

They look cool as hell.

A couple of years ago, I spent about $ 200 on a set of DVDs of a well-known "guru" basketball training. Virtually every DVD called these exercises, you know, threw a tennis ball into the air and make a move before catching it with the other hand.

Looked cool, so I took it to The Lab for a test. Did not do anything for me, did not do anything for the point watcher I was working at that moment, so I threw them out.

A few months later I saw a well-known basketball coach in My local environment, and someone seemed to use these tennis ball exercises throughout the training. That motivated me to try them again. I worked hard for 8 weeks. Still nothing.

Since then, I've tried to use them with some guards and nobody has seen improvements by using them. Just waste time and a lot of funny cans from the other men in the gym.

Now I'm all for funny looks and crazy about the & # 39; regular & # 39; Do not miss me wrong. But suck these drills. Avoid this time more time on them.

Avoid these 3 basketball training methods, and you will be there for 95% of all other basketballers.

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