4 Tips for Choosing a Netball Shoe

4 Tips for Choosing a Netball Shoe

Footwork is one of the most important skills in playing netball. It is good to wear shoes that give you safety and comfort. General sports or running shoes are not sufficient for the specific needs of the netball field. So if you want to seriously perform to the best of your ability, here are some tips to help you find the perfect shoe:

  1. Movement. Think about your movement during netball practices and games: lots of running and fast stops, lateral movements and sudden changes in direction. The support that your shoes offers must reflect these ranges of motion. Regular running shoes are designed for easy movement, which support your heels and toes. Netball shoes should provide all-round support, as well as maximum comfort and cushion for the sides of your feet.
  2. Stability. If you jump and stop often, go on a shoe that can handle the circumstances. When you hit the netball and the spindle, you want to know that your shoe will support you and maintain your balance.
  3. outsole. Walking shoes must be flexible, especially in the area under your forehead. Not so with netball shoes. The outsole must be punished by the right or asphalt of the netball field. For this reason, it must be stiffer and thicker than an ordinary running shoe. Often the souls of netball shoes will be made entirely of a different material from ordinary running shoes – a harder rubber joint.
  4. Profile. A netball shoe has a shorter profile. This means that the bearing reaches the ground, allowing for a lot of movement and flexibility. Also, with your foot on a lower platform, the risk of rolling an ankle is greatly reduced.

Netball shoes are simply designed for netball exercises. They are made to be durable and tough against the frightening requirements of the netball field and your fast legwork. Many indoor netball players still want to play in general sports or running for their games. This is permissible because running shoes are usually lighter and offer more comfort than the average netball shoe, plus lanes are usually built with wood, not asphalt.

Of course, when it comes to the shoes that suit you well and being the most comfortable are the one you need to go. You have indeed found a number of running shoes that are comfortable with wearing the court and that's fine – as long as it's good with you, it's faster than usual. The bottom line is that netball shoes are simply – netball shoes. They are designed with the game and you, the player, in mind.

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