Cross Country Running – The Most Underrated Sport There is

Cross Country Running – The Most Underrated Sport There is

I absolutely love cross country running. The training, the training, the competitions all make a great experience. If you are not familiar with cross-country sports, you must see a race to fully understand what it's all about. Imagine your favorite sport. Invite all the best teams and all stars to play in the same field at the same time. That's what a championship is cross country.

Let's start with what a cross country race is. The distance from a cross country race varies from high school to college, but they usually lie between 4 kilometers and 10 kilometers. All runners start at the same time. The first runner to finish wins.

To find out which team wins is also simple. Most team matches make possible seven to twelve runners in each team. The first five finishers of each team count for your team points. The lowest point team wins overall. In a perfect race, the team would finish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This gives the team a total of 15 points. Matches can only race two teams, head to head or for the really big invitations, up to 50 teams can race at the same time.

Another reason why the cross country is so unique is that all riders run together at the same time. Imagine that you have all the best riders and let them run together. That's what happens. Many high school and college cross country teams have great long distance and middle runners running together. People from the 400m line to people who plow the 2 mile on the track will form a high school team. At the college it is usually the 1-mile runner and above that form the crossland landscape.

The training for the sport is also unique. Often many trainings are done on the trails or around the hilly terrain. I have been able to walk on so many beautiful state trails as a result of cross country skiing. To improve, you must build the amount you are gradually implementing. This way you avoid injuries, but you get your endurance level to certain levels after months of training.

Finally, the championship season. At the end of the season there are two big games. First, the qualifying race for the championship. This match qualifies only a few teams and the top pair of finishers for the championship race. For the final race of the season, all the best individuals and teams come together. It's like the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl are packed in one event. As a competitor you get the best of the best. As a spectator you get a great individual race, and watch the teams battle it in the middle of the pack.

In the autumn, check to see where your local high school team races, or where the local university meets their home. Seeing a race in person is a unique experience. If you are not sure of joining your high school, you guarantee you will not regret it. Running cross country brings the best of people. There is something to work together on a common purpose for a life with you.

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