Exercise Treadmill Review: Johnson T7000

Exercise Treadmill Review: Johnson T7000


Well it's finally done. Your doctor recommended that you get more exercise. It's important to keep a doctor's orders, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. An important first step is to set reasonable, achieved goals. To do this, try to choose a form of exercise that is both fun and effective. Many people find that walking is a great way to start. As your fitness level improves, you can switch from walking to soft jogging, and from there to a refreshing round, if you wish. But the weather does not always work for outdoor practice routes. For that reason you might want to consider an indoor treadmill. Here is a brief review of Johnson's good training band: The T7000

Overall Rating:

4.5 of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

With a Polar-compatible heart rate monitor and a comfortable, well-covered deck, the Johnson T7000 treadmill offers an effective training for the major muscle groups of the lower body, along with important cardiovascular benefits as well. Walking, jogging or walking on a treadmill is a safe, low impact exercise suitable for almost everyone.

About £ 4699

Description of the product on this treadmill is particularly extensive and provides important, motivating feedback. :

The Johnson T7000 is designed for use in busy gyms and health clubs. We mainly love the solid steel construction and the powerful industrial class of engines. This is an exceptionally durable and highly reliable machine with all the features that will challenge even the most skilled user. Nevertheless, it is also perfect for beginners because it also supports modest goals. This treadmill has a well-polished desk, a function that prevents joints and muscles from occurring.

] Running surface: 155cm x 51cm

Size: 208cm x 76cmW x 130cmH

Display: LED

Programs: 3 Preset, 2 Customized with Manual and 1 Custom Heart Rate

Control Program


Console Display: Workout Profile window on10x14 green LED dot matrix display

Console instruction center: 19 character red LED alphanumeric display

Dedicated HR Display

Display Feedback: Time, tempo, slope, distance, speed Level, calories, METS, target heart rate, actual heart rate

Programs: Manual, Interval, Time Goal, Distance Goal, Calorie Target, Random, Heart Rate, Weight Loss, Cooling

Heart Rate Control: Interactive Polar Compatible [1 9459005]

He Ar Speedometer: Receiver and Handles

Cushion Type: Variable Durometer

Engine Power (HP): 3,2HP DC Engine

Hard Length: 51cm / 20

Height: 0 to 15%

Weight: 180kg

Speed ​​Index: 0 to12mph

Length: 214cm / 84 "Width: 82cm / 32.5" Height: 144cm / 57 "

Product Weight: 155kg

] Maximum User Weight: 159kg / 350lbs / 24.5p

Energy Method :

The Johnson T7000 treadmill provides safe fitness training in the comfort and The privacy of your home In comparison, over time, at the expense of a gymnasium or club membership, a quality treadmill is a superior value. Consider it as an investment in your good health.

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