Italian Shoes Made in China

Italian Shoes Made in China

Most of us do not associate "Made in China" with luxury or designer brands, but more and more of these beautiful Italian shoes that you like so much are actually made in China . You may not find a tag in the shoe.

Especially in the current economic market, the sale of luxury items has decreased significantly and some designer brands suffer. One of the most effective ways to save costs is to move the base of the operation overseas and China offers one of the most attractive markets for setting up a store.

The fact that "American" or "European" shoes are made in China is no secret. Nike has long been associated with "Made in China" shoes; In fact, about one in three Nike sneakers come in a "Made in China" sticker. This compromise is harder for designer brands such as Chanel, Prada and Armani who have built the success of their brand on "European craftsmanship" from time to time. One of the reasons that someone could spend extra $ 300 on a Prada shoe is that they want a piece of artificial Europe. They want to believe that what they buy is the real deal – an Italian leather shoe built by someone who knows and loves the art of shoe paint, not by a factory worker in China.

So which companies have sprung continents? Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Bally and Prada, to name a few brands. But not all of these companies are willing to publish this new base of the operation. In some of these shoes you will find a label "Made in Italy", which should instead be a "Made in China" label. This is possible due to a number of highly flexible labeling laws that base the product's label at the end of production. So shoes made in China have a leather sole in Italy and Voila! The shoes are legally "Made in Italy".

That does not mean that these shoes are now of worse quality than when they were manufactured in Europe. The claim is that China's employees are fast and accurate. That means they are able to make high quality shoes, less time and less money.

According to Giorgio Bonacarso – a chemical supplier who sells products to Chinese factories that manufacture Italian shoes – nine out of 10 high-end Italian shoe companies now make at least a part of their shoes in China. You, the consumer, may not be aware of it, and that is because the designer brands are afraid of backlash and lose the image that they have primarily dropped out of the package.

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