KEEN Newport H2 Sandals – Beauty, Function and Relaxed Style Combined in One Shoe

KEEN Newport H2 Sandals – Beauty, Function and Relaxed Style Combined in One Shoe

Those who know shoes already know that KEEN offers a complete line of cool sandals. But even shoe fans have not seen the Newport H2. After the famous city in Rhode Island, where the beach lives for and for generations, the KEEN Newport H2 sandal is the newest and the best.

Half-running shoe, half-shawl sandal the Newport H2 Combines beauty, function and relaxed style. This model is airy, but offers complete protection for your toes and sole. The rubber rubber sole bends around the toes to ensure stable stability on slippery surfaces and no injuries. The 3mm lugs that expand in the sole of the soles ensure a good traction.

The other parts of the KEEN Newport H2 are equally impressive. Washable polyester makes it easy to always keep your Newport sandals clean. And thanks to the Aegis Microbe Shield you do not have to worry about the smell, even after a long walk along the sandpaths.

There is a Newport H2 just as good for the man in the market for a great sandal shoe. Black Olive / Deep Light, Dark Shadow / Peacock, Black or Navy color choices are just the beginning.

Look good and you see the brand KEEN logo, including the exclamation point in a triangle, to be sure. But note that subtle bow, just before a man's foot. And talk about style! Blue trim on high quality gray polyester webbing makes this shoe perfect for beachwear day or night.

KEEN Newport H2 Sandals are also designed in a version designed specifically for women. Most women have smaller feet, that's clear. But their proportional dimensions are also different. Just as there are different subtle differences elsewhere, it's also with women's feet. The Newport H2 for Women ensures that all differences are recognized.

At the same time, the Newport H2 Women's Sandals offer the same KEEN patented toe protection to keep those delicate figures safe from damage. By connecting the rocks to a stream, it is also no problem, thanks to the 3mm lugs in the rubber outsole, just like the men's version.

Let's not forget the children with casual shoes. Their feet are less durable and have special requirements, which are taken into account at the Newport H2 Infant model.

A gray, non-marked rubber sole means a certain foot for those young feet still trying to find their balance. Quick drying polyester webbing prevents chafing and keeps the shoe comfortable so children never get tempted to take it off. And with a Secure-Fit Lace Capture System – including added hook-and-loop adjustability over the wip – they will not be motivated to try.

If you do not want dirty wet feet, blunt toes and smelly shoes – do yourself a favor and watch all Newport Sandal models today. You will soon discover that there is one, just for each member of the family. The name KEEN guarantees it.

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