Nordictrack Freestrider FS5i Review – Pros and cons of the Most Affordable Freestride Trainer

Nordictrack Freestrider FS5i Review – Pros and cons of the Most Affordable Freestride Trainer

The Nordictrack Freestrider is a new breed of elliptical trainer that gives you the opportunity to take your own step. This is something that traditional crosstrainers can not do because of the limitations of their design.

The Freestrider came in two models: the original FS7i and the premium FS9i. However, starting at $ 2,000, the FS7i made some cost bans for some buyers.

But now there is an affordable option – new to this year – the FS5i Freestrider.

It's a little more Simplified than the other models but also comes in about $ 400 less than the FS7i. So is it good for you? Here you will find an overview of the pros and cons of the Nordictrack FS5i to help you decide:

Pro # 1 Set Your Own Stage

The FS5i comes with The biggest advantage of the Freestrider design: mainly the ability to take your own step and change. This allows you to take short streaking movements, longer jogging streams or even longer moving movements.

While most traditional elliptical trainers give you about 18-20 inch steps, the Freestrider FS5i can give you up to 38 inches.

Pro # 2 Center Drive Design

Pro # 2 Center Drive Design

This helps to work with your leg muscles better, and you can burn more calories anywhere in a short period of time.

Again, like all Freestride trainers, this is a center drive design. This means that you will get two small flywheels on either side of the pedals instead of a large flywheel either on the front or rear of the pedals.

This has the advantage of standing on the machine on the machine. Leaning on the armrests. This feels much more comfortable for most people and can lead to more calories burning because the machine does not decrease your weight.

Pro # 3 Tablet Holder Above the Console

You can hang your tablet over the console and browse the web, view your favorite shows or connect to iFit LIVE See below) while working out, which is a great option to add more entertainment to your training.

Pro # 4 iFit LIVE

The Nordictrack FS5i is iFit compatible. IFit connects you elliptical to the internet. From there you can follow your training and schedule plans for time and new goals.

You can also download new training programs to your trainer. You can even run famous world-wide routes – from Hawaii to Paris – and look at real life, sights on the tablet screen.

You'll never be bored with anything you can do with iFit LIVE

Pro # 5 Compact

The FS5i trainer is also more compact than A traditional elliptical trainer. So, if you have a smaller training room, it's a good choice.

Pro # 6 Bright Backlit Console

The dual color console is bright and backlit with a scrolling message Council to guide you through your training. There is also an iPod dock with speakers to listen to your favorite songs when you have.

So, that's the benefits? What about the disadvantages?

Con # 1 Dual Color Console

The FS5i is not supplied with the full color console or the built-in web browser carrying the other two models. Still, if you have a tablet that you want to use to surf the web or connect to iFit, you may not mind.

Con # 2 No Incline

The other two models have slope, which changes the slope of your elliptical road. The FS5i does not have this feature.

Con # 3 No Handrail Controls

While you can control the console resistance, there are no resistance controls on the Bottom Line Bottom Line ]

The Nordictrack FS5i Freestrider is a new affordable crosstrainer that is $ 400 less than $ 400. The standard Freestrider trainer.

It's a little outdated in terms of the luxury extras that you get with the other models. But overall you still get the main benefits people have with this Freestrider: the ability to choose your own speed and the low effect, the central drive design.

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