Tennis Apparel – How they changed over the years

Tennis Apparel – How they changed over the years

The tennis game has undergone a huge change over the past 100 years. Competition has increased, as well as tennis clothes have also had a revolution. There is a drastic change in style, fabric and color of this clothing. Clothing designed for the game today is intended for the comfort and good performance of each jump and the stroke that seduces the player. Take for example Venus Williams & # 39; annual Australian Open collection. It was full of gaps and was designed by her own company EleVen.

When the game originally started in England, the players wore a formal dress. Women wore full-length dresses and men wore long pants and full-sleeve formal shirts. Tennis apparel for men and women was initially white in color. But in recent times the color has ruled the tennis courts for almost all top note players. In the very recent Australian Open, defending champion Rafael Nadal carried a white orange shirt, while Maria Sharapova appeared in the golden and green colors of the Australian flag.

The evolution in tennis clothing was drastic. Where in the 70's and 80's short, shorts and traditional polo shirts were in fashion, in the late 1990s and 2000 saw the introduction of larger loose shorts and more casual shirts. Former women tennis stars wear shortened tennis skirts and dresses, but today their variety has no limits. The tennis courts are still looking colorful and glamorous today, although some people still offer light shades of clothing to the brighter.

Tennis is a sport that has increased in competition. It has become a sport of high intensity, which requires a lot of physical effort and effort. You have to run all kinds of strokes, jump, cut, spin and maneuver. Therefore, the free movement of your arms and legs is very important. If the movement of your body is obstructed by your clothes, you can not play well. Comfort is another aspect that needs to be taken very seriously. The material used to make your tennis apparel must be light. They must repel the moisture as well as they can. Cotton absorbs your moisture, you are your body, which turns out to be very uncomfortable. Therefore, wear clothes that keep the body cool and dry even at extremely high temperatures.

In recent times, tennis clothing has been made of synthetic fibers that remove not only sweat from the skin but also are very comfortable. Just like Adidas ClimaCool brand and Nike Dri-FIT. If you want to get the best tennis apparel for yourself, visit Holabird Sports.

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