The importance of wearing comfortable shoes

The importance of wearing comfortable shoes

Why is comfortable shoes so important? Whatever happened to the phrase "beauty is pain"? Yes, beauty is pain, but is beauty and style worthwhile to keep all that pain? There are different types of shoes for men and women. For men, styles include shiny black formal, pointed shoes, casual sneakers and slippers. For women, the styles include heels, slippers or flip-flops, ladies sneakers, flats and more. Shoes can describe the personality and feel of fashion, but it can also cause painful pain.

Men usually go for what they think are the most comfortable shoes for them, despite what others think because they are not as picky and picky as women. Women on the other hand, depending on the occasion, choose to wear the pain as long as their feet look good.

But what happens to most females, that's when they are in the mall and they wear 5 inches of heels because they just came from an event, or they just seem to wear them, they start a Hour or two later to pain with sore, sore feet and toes. Wearing uncomfortable footwear is good for a while, but its benefits will have disadvantages, not just for your feet, but also for your health and personal well-being, if you wear them for a long time.

Here are some reasons and pronouncements that emphasize the importance of wearing the comfortable shoes:

• Uncomfortable footwear can come on your nerves and cause your health.

An example would be spicy. Pointy shoes can compliment your outfit, but have you never thought of how your last two or three toes felt for a long time? Have you never considered how painful your feet will be? This is also not beneficial to your health because your feet have pain, especially in the last two toes, by Morton's Neuroma, which surrounds an abnormal thickening of the tissues. Sometimes these cases can be extremely severe, the only cure for surgery to get rid of the pain.

It would be great if you only intend to wear this awkward footwear for a short period of time, and then you can just change into more comfortable after the event, such as flip flops or slippers. It is also good for your health and personal hygiene if you allow your feet to breathe and relax.

• It influences the way you walk.

Once uncomfortable footwear has a negative toll on your feet, pain can get so bad that it will affect the way you walk. You can start sleeping yourself, making it harder to walk. If you did not know, health is related to the types of shoes you wear. Wearing shoes that are not comfortable has a negative effect on the way you walk, which also puts pressure on other parts of your body, such as your knees, thighs, ankles, hips and back. Your attitude can also change in position. Even if you are the person whose knees and ankles are very sensitive you may eventually get a twisted ankle or a dislocated knee hat.

• Shoes are intended to protect the feet, not to damage them or to damage them.

Bad footwear gives your feet blisters, bunions and / or calluses. These are the reaction of the foot on bad shoes. These three are very painful and only blisters can go on their own way.

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