Track Spikes and Sports Injuries

Track Spikes and Sports Injuries

Track spikes are carried by runners to maximize their grip during the race and training. The spikes in the sole of the shoe and the length and configuration of the spikes depends on the tread and the event. Track shoes are extremely light and have very thin soles and low heels to maximize your efficiency. Although nails are an essential part of most runner equipment, they can also be the cause of injury. Below are some of the general injuries:

• ACHILLES TENDON DAMAGE: Regular runners have an increased heel, while the nails have a much lower or even non-existing heel. When you change from walking in the base shoes to follow spikes, the Achilles tendon can cause problems. Your Achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to your heel leg. Achilles tendon lesions are slow to chop and, in case of tearing, even surgery may need. To avoid achilles tendon injuries, you gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts when you first use nails.

• Foot injury: Because the nails are much less taut than ordinary riders, this keeps the weight of the shoe as low as possible to improve your feelings for the ground. This lack of pillow can cause a number of injuries, including crushing feet, plantar fasciitis and heel stimulation. To minimize the risk of foot injury, wear your points only for matches or the most important training sessions. There is also the option of adjusting your nails by adding padded shoe inserts and / or pad pads that protect your feet.

• SHIN SPLINTS: The most common pay injury is shin splints. Shin splinters are caused by excessive influence on the lower legs, made by heels striking. In the mildest cases, shin splints are the inflammation of the fascia (connective tissue) that covers and connects the muscles from the lower to the bone (the tibia). In the worst case, the fascia is under such stress that it actually separates the tibia, which can be very painful and may require a rather slow healing process.

• LACERATIONS: The spikes in track shoes are very sharp and can cause injury to you or someone who accidentally physically comes into contact with you. This injury occurs more often when runners come close to each other during long distances.

• BONE BRUSSES: Legblocks occur when someone gets injured by falling, accidents, sports and battles of hard objects. They may be accompanied by bleeding and painful swelling and lasting from days to months depending on the severity. Custom orthotics can be mounted to be worn in the racing spikes to prevent further irritation.

In principle, many injuries can be avoided with warming, careful stretching before and after training, massage, good footwear and overuse avoidance. Athletes should inform their podiologist of the first sign of foot pain.

Podiatrists can help athletes to deal with injuries and prevent them from becoming more serious.

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